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K BY TYNDIS Organic Virgin Coconut oil - 200ml - 1.png K BY TYNDIS Organic Virgin Coconut oil - 200ml - 2.png
Product Name:
Premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Handpicked and cold pressed.

K BY TYNDIS premium organic virgin coconut oil is handpicked and cold pressed, with utmost care, from the finest fresh mature organic coconuts grown in lush Kerala.

It is pure, raw and unrefined without the addition of any chemicals, enzymes, bacteria or additives. There is absolutely no heat applied at any stage of the production as this affects the quality, texture, taste and aroma of the oil.

Provenance / origin:
Kerala, India
Pure coconut oil
Preparation and usage:
Ideal for cooking and baking and is the perfect substitute for butter or margarine. It is also a natural moisturiser for the body and the perfect conditioner for the hair.
Tasting / special notes:

Aspect - Light in texture and non-greasy.
Colour - Clear as pure water when liquid and snow white when solid. Virgin Coconut Oil becomes solid at temperatures below 25°C.
Smell - Fresh coconut.
Taste - Light fresh coconut.

Nutrition Value:
Quantity :
£ 7.95
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