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Product Name:
Condimento 15 “il Nipote”, 15 years

Unforgettable flavour of your cuisine.

L-Originale Condimento 15 il Nipote or the Nephew is exclusively made of cooked and concentrated Must from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.

Acetified and aged for over 15 years in precious wooden barrels of different woods like, oak, chestnut, cherry, juniper, mulberry, etc. with annual transfers to acquire the precious perfumes of each wood.

It is the product of careful artisanal tradition which, combined with the right ageing period, creates an excellent combination of fragrances and flavours with bitter-sweet undertones. Before bottling, the balsamic is analyzed to check the required specification.

il Nipote comes in an elegant Calamaio bottle and is presented in a fine packaging together with a measuring cap and a tasting spoon.

Provenance / origin:
Modena, Italy
Cooked grape Must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes of Modena.
Preparation and usage:
It's an unforgettable dressing ready-to-use on all kind of dishes, from appetizers to desserts (tartare, foie gras, smoked salmon, sushi, caviar, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, and cheesecake).
Tasting / special notes:

Aging - 15 years.
Aspect - Liquid very creamy, shiny, intense brown.
Colour - Shiny intense brown with gold and red reflections..
Smell - Sweet-and-sour well balanced, intense and dedicate with fruit and woody hints.
Taste - Sweet-and-sour pleasantly balanced, fruity typical of cooked must, delicate and persistent.

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